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How to take care of your car exhaust system
Your car's exhaust system is designed to help protect the environment, deaden sound and regulate heat, as well as to keep noxious fumes outside of the cabin area and away from passengers. When an exhaust system is not working properly, pollutants can seep inside of your car and sicken or even kill passengers and cause damage to the overall environment. You need to periodically check your car's exhaust system to ensure that it is working as designed. Let's take a look at ways you can inspect your car's exhaust.

One of the first signs of exhaust system problems can be detected by a change in noise. Of course, if the muffler has a pinhole leak or larger, it will be unmistakable that there is a problem with the exhaust system.

When checking the exhaust, it is best to put the vehicle on a lift to get a complete view of the vehicle's underside. The entire exhaust system is held together by a series of bolts, hangars, clamps, and welded parts. Obvious signs of problems can be observed if any of these components has come apart. Rusted joints, broken clamps, snapped bolts, and broken hangars must be replaced in addition to several parts of the exhaust system itself, which may have incurred damage. While your car is on the lift, check the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, exhaust pipe, muffler, and tail pipe individually for damage.

As for the catalytic converter, some problems are not discovered until the car goes through its periodic state auto emissions inspection. If the catalytic converter has failed, your vehicle will fail inspection and the part will need to be replaced before it can be inspected again. Some signs of catalytic converter failure include: rusted or broken end tubes or converter body; pieces of substrate found in other areas of the exhaust system; and a rattling sound in a monolithic converter.

 Again, catalytic converter failure is not always readily apparent and a test of your entire system through a garage that has the right equipment can reveal much. You can take care of your car's exhaust system by also running your car on a regular basis. That's right, if you only take short trips, vapor build up can rust out your muffler and can cause other parts to fail prematurely.

Generally, if you run your car on a regular basis you will extend the life of your exhaust system significantly. Of course, damage to the underside of your vehicle caused by rocks and road debris can cancel all of this out, but a well-managed exhaust system should reach its optimum lifespan.

If you decide to replace any part of your exhaust or the entire system, you can shop right online at the Garinet web site for the finest select of replacement and performance exhaust systems.
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